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Any Woman Can Offers Hope, Health and Christ


Always there for younger women in crisis since 2013, Any Woman Can expanded services to assist women of all ages coping with life-challenges, a current crisis or a previous trauma. Counselors teach coping skills to help women recover and overcome ... Read full article

City Council’s attack on Chick fil-A won't stop with chicken, Christians

by Mike Sharrow, CEO of C12 Group on

Back when it officially decided to banish the nation’s most popular fast-food restaurant from the airport concourse, San Antonio’s city council issued a statement so thick with irony you could cut it with a knife.... Read full article

First World Problems


"Here in suburbia, my worldview can become so myopic...that I lose a sense of the broader, often painful picture multitudes are facing in the world today."... Read full article

Tell Your Story


Tell your story A woman who thought she was without identity makes a wonderful and amazing discovery. ... Read full article

Are you really my daddy?

by Lisa Burkhardt Worley on

Father wounds run deep and because of that we often transfer the attributes of our earthly fathers to God. If our biological dad was harsh, then God must be harsh as well. ... Read full article

Southwind Fields: Where Every Person Has a Purpose


Chris has big dreams. Affectionately known as “superman” by those who love him, he wanted more out of life than what he found as a young man on the Autism spectrum in a small town in South Texas. ... Read full article

The Answer to Worry


Ever struggle with worry? Of course you have--everyone has. Whether the issue is our children, our job, our relationships, our health--you fill in the blank--we've all struggled with worry at one time or another.... Read full article

Providence Place Hosting Grand Opening Event


Celebrating the opening of My Mariposa Home. A transitional housing program for survivors of human trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence. ... Read full article

The community’s emergency room for life’s crises


Christian Assistance Ministry: The community’s emergency room CAM shares the love of Christ in immediate ways for people in crisis.... Read full article

There Will Always Be Someone Who Doesn't Understand You


Can you live with it if you’re never understood? That thought occurred to me one day when I was “rationalizing” in my head how someone was never going to understand what I’m all about or what I do.... Read full article