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Southwind Fields: Where Every Person Has a Purpose


Chris has big dreams. Affectionately known as “superman” by those who love him, he wanted more out of life than what he found as a young man on the Autism spectrum in a small town in South Texas. ... Read full article

Praying in Color


"Sometimes when I’m praying it’s helpful to grab a handful of colored pens or sharpies and kind of doodle and jot down words. It helps me to stay focused, to listen, and to really dwell in my thoughts and feelings...."... Read full article

Leaders Working to Transform the City


There is a reason our society is in a downward spiral. Christians are not leading in the seven spheres that shape our culture, leaving a godless vacuum. But there is hope as local leaders are meeting to retake and reshape our society in San Antonio.... Read full article

Devotional: Don’t Give Up!


An Oak Tree is just an Acorn that refused to give up. ... Read full article

Is it Okay to Tithe My Time Instead of My Money?


Let’s set the scene: You attend church, read your Bible, and try your best to follow Jesus—you even tithe regularly. But money’s been tight. Either you’re throwing every dime you’re earning at your debt, or you’re in the middle of a difficult work se... Read full article

Karsten Battles Named First Team U.S. Army All-American


Football specialty players such as long snappers often fly under the radar.  In addition to playing a crucial role on their high school teams, they go above and beyond to finely tune their skills.  They travel across the state and nation to attend ca... Read full article

Are you really my daddy?

by Lisa Burkhardt Worley on

Father wounds run deep and because of that we often transfer the attributes of our earthly fathers to God. If our biological dad was harsh, then God must be harsh as well. ... Read full article

Receive with Gratitude


Kelli B. Trujillo “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31). Isn’t this so true? The goodness, very goodness, of our amazing world surrounds us. Pause for a minute and look. Listen. Touch. Taste. Drink. Inhale. Receive. The... Read full article

KSLR AM 630 The Word hosts Michael Youssef at luncheon


KSLR: Honoring pastors, empowering them with a fresh dose of courage KSLR’s heart: make pastors feel extra special. Their efforts were a smash hit.... Read full article

Four Reasons Why We May Not Be Giving


According to the Barna Research Group, 17 percent of American adults claim to tithe, but only 6 percent actually do. ... Read full article