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Rescue a Child. Restore a Life. Raise a Leader. Release a Star.

Crisis. The foster care system in Texas is in crisis. The statistics are staggering. A child in foster care will be placed on average with five different families before they age out of the system. Oftentimes, they are separated from their siblings. The trauma they have lived through, including being separated from their birth parents, adds to their outlook that no one cares and the hopelessness they see as their future.

God has a plan. The Holy Spirit is grieved by this situation. God is answering the cry of His children and intervening to provide hope, purpose and a future for those trapped in the foster care system.

It takes a village. Nelson Mandela said, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Birthed in South Africa, the thriving LIV Durban ministry model is a village of hope and love. This ministry model is being duplicated in San Antonio by Mark and Veronica Lugo with Mark Lugo Ministries. The long-term vision is to locate 100 acres of land to build a “holy” village that transforms children. At the center of this vision is a forever family. LIV San Antonio places parentless children into a family environment where they receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing. All their physical needs are met.
The first step. To begin moving towards this vision, LIV San Antonio needs to locate one home in San Antonio that will be used to begin to rescue children.  The goal is for God to provide a home free and clear or $200,000 to purchase a home.

Become a founding partner. LIV San Antonio is inviting you to prayerfully consider your role in this heavenly vision by becoming a founding partner. Do you own a home that could be gifted to the ministry? Is God asking you to give financially so a home can be purchased? Is He asking you to pray this gift in? Your response is His answer to their prayers.



Please email Mark Lugo at
or at
or call/text him at 956-398-4655

Please email Mark Lugo at
or at
or call/text him at 956-398-4655

Reaching the Youth in our Community. Transforming the next generation.


PO Box 1232
Lytle, Texas 78052
United States

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